Our Team

Phil Sessa Phil is a husband, father, and Director of Soulfishing Ministries, who has a passion for the glory of God, and for the work of reaching the lost and discipling the saints.  He is both an expository and an evangelistic preacher.  Phil also hosts the Stop and Think About It Podcast, (where he’s known as “the Bronx Expositor”) along with co-host Glenroy Clarke.  He is a pastor along with Peter Nictora at Grace Baptist Church.

Jose Ocasio Jose loves to read, study, and learn from the Word of God.  Like Spurgeon stated, Jose “visits many good books, but lives in the Bible.”  He is a seasoned open-air-preacher in both English and Spanish and has been a pioneer in helping to establish Soulfishing Ministries. He has a passion for the Lord of the harvest and to be used by God to reach the lost.  He helps lead prayer meetings and also serves as a deacon at Grace Baptist Church.

Evans Olang Evans is a husband, and faithful prayer warrior, teaching, preaching, and praying the Word of God.  His heart is to see passionate, elevated, and effectual prayer in the lives of God’s people.  His commitment to prayer undergirds our ministry. Although humble and quiet, Evans always makes opportunities to share the Gospel with the lost, and to disciple believers. He founded and spearheads He Has Magnified His Word our daily devotionals.

Glenroy Clarke Glenroy is a Deacon at Grace Baptist Church where he faithfully teaches God’s Word.  He is also the co-host of the Stop and Think About It Podcast. Glenroy, aka the West Indian Wordsmith, holds a B.A. in English from Brooklyn College. He has one son and resides in Canarsie, Brooklyn.

Nick Vazquez Nick is a father, husband, and Bible teacher at Grace Baptist Church, where he faithfully teaches God’s Word. Nick’s teaching is focused on the Doctrines of Grace, and on the doctrines of the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.  Nick, aka “The Puerto Rican Puritan,” also sings Christian Hip Hop Music, but he is most passionate about learning, preaching, teaching, and living God’s Word.  He resides in the Bronx, NY with his family.

Azeez Faleimu
Azeez Faleimu is a former self-righteous Muslim who was saved and transformed by Christ into a preacher of God’s Word. He is the main videographer of Soulfishing Ministries and desires to produce content that will challenge and encourage people to be followers Christ and fishers of men. He and his wife are both active members of Grace Baptist Church. He lives to know Christ and make Christ known.