Biblical Manhood’s Endurance

2Tim 3:10-17, 10 But you have carefully followed my …faithlongsuffering, loveperseverance, 11 persecutions,  afflictions, …I endured and out of them all the Lord delivered me

A man of faith should have a biblical perspective on suffering and trials. He learns to profit from trials rather than crumble under its weight. I group “faith, longsuffering (patience), love, perseverance, persecutions, afflictions…” under the umbrella of endurance, that is, the capacity to last or withstand wear and tear. Jesus prayed that Peter’s faith, after being tried, would endure through preservation (Luk 22:31-32), for “…Love endures all things“, 1Cor 13:7. Paul thrived in adversities from brethren, enemies, persecutors of the Gospel, and hardships.

Demonstrating a Love of God, while enduring trials, is reflected in how you and I respond to those trials. James calls a person who is tried and yet endures, “blessed” (Jam 1:12). It is faithfulness in good times, when all needs are met, and in bad times, when longsuffering is present. This underscores the importance of consistent effective prayer life, entrusting self to God and His purposes. Jesus prayed for Peter. He told him, and the rest, to pray as trials awaited them. Manhood from a biblical perspective stands strong on bended knees, endures and thrives in trials, and sets the tone not to give up.  (2Tim 2:3: “You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ“).

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