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He Has Magnified His Word, Psalm 138:2

The Pardon In Prayer, Part 2

Mat 6:12 And forgive us our debts, As we forgive our debtors

Forgiveness is the act of letting go what you may be justified to hold on to. We have been forgiven much and the Lord every single day is still willing to forgive us, what about us forgiving others?

The servant forgiven of all his debts  “…went out and found one of his fellow servants who owed him a 100 denarii; and he laid hands on him and took him by the throat, saying, ‘Pay me what you owe!’” (Mat 18:28) before putting him in jail. The master became angry when heard what he did to his fellow man and put him also in jail until he was able to pay his debt. He owed his master $10 million, he was owed only $20 (100 denarii). Receiving forgiveness should have driven him to extend compassion and kindness to his fellow man as expected of us. I believe Mat 6:12 “And forgive us our debts, …not only addresses forgiveness for our current sins but also reminds us of the great and many sins He has forgiven us.

Unforgiveness imprisons you and others, it takes a toll on you; it’s a thief of time, joy and peace; It is poison aimed to destroy. It hinders the move of God from forgiving us, healing our bodies, mind and spirit. It hinders growth (Mat 6:14, Mat 18:34-35, Mar 11:25, Col 3:12, Jam 5:16). The only way you can want to forgive is to remember of what you’ve been forgiven of and what unforgiveness does. We must ask to be forgiven and pray for grace to extend forgiveness to our fellow men.

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