God’s Ways To Silence Believers’ Enemies

2Ki 6:8-23, 22 You shall not kill them…Set food and water before them, that they may eat and drink and go to their master.

Israel’s enemies were at their mercy, Elisha could ask the Lord for anything including the death of his enemies. The king was eager to finish the work started by prayers. Elisha would not entertain such thoughts. He instructed the king to do good to their adversaries and the king vs 23. “…prepared a great feast for them; and after they ate and drank, he sent them away and they went to their master. So the bands of Syrian raiders came no more into the land of Israel.”

The 1st mile is that of prayer. Prayer with the intention to learn and to do good. Prayers should drive us to live in humility. The 2nd mile is putting legs on the prayers to do good. The 1st mile is to forgive, it is the minimum mile. Believers continue to the 2nd mile (love, bless, and pray for your enemies, Mat 5:43-48), this mile distinguishes us from the rest. It is impossible to go the 1st and 2nd mile unless we draw from Him who forgave, loved, blessed, and prayed for His enemies who crucified Him. With Elisha’s leadership fueled by prayers, they shut the mouth of their enemies, not with swords but with action, the mile of excellence. “For this is the will of God, that by doing good you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men”, 1Pet 2:15.

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