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He Has Magnified His Word, Psalm 138:2

A Virtuous Woman Lives By Faith

Pro 31:21 She is not afraid of snow for her household

The life of a woman of faith is not dictated by her life circumstances. She is convinced that her, “…help is in the name of the Lord” (Psa 124:8). Not only was the Shunamite a woman of kindness, she was also a woman of faith in the God of Elisha. This is seen when her son (of a promise) became sick and died. Rather than quickly bury him, she put his body on Elisha’s bed and went on a journey to find him. As she got close, Elisha had his servant ask her this, “…Is all well with your husband? Is all well with the child?’” And she answered, “All is well.” (2Ki 4:26).

Anyone can say “all is well” in good times especially when all needs are met. In reality all was not well with the Shunammite woman, she had a dead son at home. It was by faith in the God of Elisha that she considered “all was well”. A woman of faith moves despite the snow obstacles working against her. She will seek help while encouraging herself that it’s not over until God says so, and by faith she believes help is on the way.

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